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The Silent Struggle

She was already struggling to feed herself and her two boys. But when Kathleen was involved in a terrible accident, things went from bad to worse. That was when she turned to SVP for the very first time. This is how your kindness brings untold comfort and relief to people in their hour of need…

“It was a really bad time,” says Kathleen. “My work is sporadic. You know, loads and then none for a bit. I was really struggling. I had ‘final reminders' coming through my door. You feel useless as a Mum. You don’t want your Johnny or Mary to be without, but they are.”

As a caring supporter of SVP, you've felt the pain of people hit hardest by this cost of living crisis. Families who were ‘just about managing’ being tipped into poverty and debt that could follow them forever.

But you also know how a little help at the right time can change everything for someone like Kathleen. And that’s why she’s so grateful for your kindness. Because she didn’t know it yet, but the worst was still to come…

The Accident

It was the bank holiday weekend when Kathleen was involved in a road traffic collision. “I was a passenger, and it was pretty bad,” says Kathleen.

Thankfully, she survived. But it left her injured and unable to work.

For people like Kathleen, with the most fragile finances — people who have eaten into what little savings they had during this cost of living crisis — there is no safety net to fall back on. An unexpected event like this can push a family into debt and despair.

That’s where your kindness and compassion steps in…

“The best decision I made was to reach out to SVP that day... your support really kept us going.”

 First Time at the Food Bank 

“A friend of mine mentioned SVP’s food bank to me,” says Kathleen. “I went in there, and I literally fell to pieces at the door. There was this lovely woman, and she said, ‘It’s ok. Let’s have a cup of tea, and then you can take what you need.’ I was saying — there’s a lot of people worse off than myself, I don’t need help...”

But Kathleen did need help. And thanks to your concern for people struggling in silence... she got it.

“It felt like such a relief, taking that food — the comfort, I actually slept that night. The cupboards were full. There was diesel in the car, and it was just a huge, huge relief. SVP have been amazing. I’m so grateful for your help when I was at my lowest...”

“My God, the relief of getting the help — a couple of bags of food — you feel so thankful.”

Your Kindness Returned

But that was only the beginning of your generosity...

“The SVP volunteers who came to my home were wonderful," says Kathleen. "It was two lovely ladies who were so empathetic. They’d bring us food vouchers, and I'm thinking, I don’t deserve this. They told me, of course you do.”

Thanks to your kind support, Kathleen is back on her feet. She’s fully recovered from her accident, and she even has a new job she loves.

She says the thoughtfulness and non-judgemental support you showed her has touched her more deeply than you know. And she’s determined to return your kindness.

"I’m volunteering for SVP now,” says Kathleen, “It’s a way I can pay it forward, the love people showed me.”

May the kindness you show others return itself to you in a thousand wonderful ways. Thank you for being someone who gives and cares and helps.

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