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Your Love Heals Lonely Hearts

For many years, Mary lived alone in rural Donegal. But when she got older, she began to feel overwhelmed with loneliness. That's when she turned to SVP for help. This is how your compassion and concern changed Mary's life...

"I feel so lucky to be here", says Mary, smiling her warm smile from her favourite armchair at Ozanam House in Bundoran. If you’ve ever felt alone, you know that loneliness is a poverty all its own.

"I was on my own for years… it was lonely. Coming here has changed my life completely." — Mary, 70, Resident of SVP's Ozanam House

If not for your kindness, Mary could still now be all alone. Before she moved to Ozanam House, there were some days Mary didn’t speak to another living soul. Thanks to you, she now spends her days surrounded by friends. For Mary, your kindness has been life-changing.

SVP Residential Care

Run by SVP, your generosity makes the comfort and care provided by Ozanam House possible. "It’s a beautiful place,"says Mary. "And it’s wonderful to have the company. The staff are so kind, and I've made some very good friends. I hope it will last forever.”

Feels like Family

Ozanam House welcomes older local people who don’t want to live alone. Some residents are widowed. Some have family overseas. But whatever brings them here, the gifts of comfort and companionship you give mean the world to older people like Mary.

"Some residents have lived here for 15 years," says Georgina, manager of Ozanam House. "We very much feel we're a family." Georgina says it's your kindness that keeps the lights on and the kettle warm at Ozanam House. “Whether it is a tin of biscuits or money, every single donation is extremely appreciated."

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