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Drogheda Area members gather for a Social gathering

A most wonderful and memorable night was held in Ozanam Holiday Home, Mornington for the Drogheda SVP members January 23rd last.

Guest speaker for the night was Fr. Peter Mc Verry SJ – the nationally well-known Jesuit Priest and campaigner for homeless people.

Fr. Mc Verry said Mass for our members and thanked them for their concern for the poor and vulnerable in our society.  He said that in his experience the worst effect of poverty was the sense of uselessness and pointlessness felt by the poor person.  They had no value and nobody would notice if they were not around.

He praised the Society members who as he explained offer them back their sense of self-worth and dignity and this more than all the material help we give is our greatest contribution to people in need.

Following Mass and homily the members sat down to a lovely meal provided by the staff of our Ozanam Holiday Home.  This was followed by music and dancing.

The night was very much enjoyed by all and was a excellent opportunity for members from different conferences to get to know each other.

It is hoped we will have a night like this every year - we should acknowledge the great work done by our members.

Our Municipal Mayor Cllr. Kevin Callan was present on the night and thanked all SVP members tor the great work they are doing in the community.  As an elected representative he sees at first hand this work and the positive impact it is having on our people.

Finally on behalf of all our members may I thank all who contributed to this very enjoyable occasion especially Fr. Peter Mc Verry SJ and our Mayor Cllr. Kevin Callan. 



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