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Ozanam House Fundraiser - Euro 2016 Forecast Competition

Forecast Competition EURO CUP 2016

Predict the outcome of the 2016 UEFA EURO Cup for your chance to win cash prizes with our fantastic Forecast Competition.

Top Prize = €750!
2nd Place = €500 & 3rd Place = €250
And 10 Spot Prizes of €50!
(for 50th, 100th, 150th, 200th, 250th, 300th, 350th, 400th, 450th & 500th Places!)

This competition is fully accessible online, and it is only available in online digital format. The deadline for entry is before Kickoff on 10th June 2016.
Competition Winners will have prizes sent to them by Ozanam House after the final on July 10th 2016.

Entering the Competition:

  1. Visit the Forecast Competition Page and click Register.
  2. Enter your contact details, and create your own private password for your account.
  3. League / Organisation PIN
  4. The Ozanam House League / Organisation PIN is: 1234
  5. Click ‘Submit‘ to create your account.
  6. Choose your preferred payment option (online payment or in cash).
  7. Make your forecast and be sure to click ‘Save Changes‘.
  8. Using your unique e-mail and password to Log-in to your account, you can make as many changes to your forecast as you wish, up to and including before Kickoff on 10th June 2016.
  9. You can enter as many times as you like, just remember that the entry fee is €10 for each forecast.
  10. Sit back, watch the games and follow your progress on the online Leader-board and see how your ranking changes as the competition progresses.

Further links to game rules, scoring and info about the competition are below:

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