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Social Action Superstars!

Young SVP In The East Region

Young people in front of a tentThis year has been an exciting one for Young SVP in the East Region. We have had the privilege to work with hundreds of young people (and their teachers/leaders) in a range of different settings. Each young person is unique and brings something special and creative to Young SVP. Young people have taken time to learn about social justice, to consider the needs in their communities and worked together to make sure their actions were effective. All of this learning, research and planning has resulted in a wonderful array of Young SVP projects.

Befriending Projects
This year Young SVP members have; formed an intergenerational choir, visited residents of an Alzheimer’s unit, held events for local Senior Citizens, organised a children’s party and visited retired nuns. They have held a sports tournament to get to know other students in their school better, arranged a brass band afternoon for members of the local community and invited 6th class students to their school to help them get ready to make the transition to secondary school. They have truly given, as Frederic Ozanam asked, of their time and their talents.

Education Projects
Recognising the importance of education, Young SVP members have this year; set up a study buddy club in their school, created and delivered a mental health workshop to their fellow students and held an SVP Awareness week in school.

Direct Aid Projects
To support the work of SVP and address social justice issues they feel strongly about, Young SVP members have; made food hampers, held a bake sale to raise funds for people experiencing homelessness, held a Christmas tree sale, organised clothes appeals, created a winter wonderland themed fundraising event, taken part in the Giving Tree and participated in a sponsored run.

Research and Action Projects
Having learned that the third pillar of SVP’s Mission Statement is Working for Social Justice, Young SVP members have been involved in researching and raising awareness about social justice issues. One group of students chose to research social justice issues they were concerned by and then deliver presentations to the rest of their school to raise awareness. One Young SVP Conference held a poster and poetry campaign to raise awareness about homelessness.

These are just some of the actions taken by young people in the East Region this year. A big thank you and well done to all the young people, teachers and schools who took part in the Young SVP programme and supported the work of SVP this year!

Young SVP East Region Youth Day 2018
On the 12th of April 2018, 200 young people, their teachers and SVP members gathered together for the East Region Youth Day. This was an opportunity to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of the young people involved in Young SVP. It was a chance for them to meet young people from other schools and to share ideas. The theme for the day was ‘Social Action Superstars’ as Frederic Ozanam who said “Justice is a fixed star” and also to acknowledge all the ways in which Young SVP members have been social action superstars this year! The young people set up their own interactive stands, took part in fun activities, learned more about SVP, listened to speakers, gave presentations, took part in workshops, received certificates of achievement and visited the reflection space. In the afternoon there was a talk from the key note speaker Joanne O’Riordan.

This was a fantastic experience for the attendees and Joanne received a standing ovation. The Youth Day was a fun and positive celebration and learning opportunity. Thank you to everyone who attended and supported the event and made the day a success!

At the Youth Day we asked the young people to share their thoughts on being part of Young SVP:

“I learned things I never knew and was given a chance to help people. I don’t feel helpless anymore”.

“Young SVP made a difference to my self-esteem”.

“Young SVP gave me a greater understanding of social justice”

“Young SVP is very encouraging, involving and welcoming”.

“Being part of our has assisted me in finding myself and creating a passion within me”.

“Young SVP gave me an opportunity to put my values into practice”.


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