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St Vincent De Paul Welcomes Renowned Musician to Centre Stage as Charity Ambassador

In a harmonious fusion of melody and philanthropy, Malachi Cush, the celebrated singer-songwriter, has assumed the role of Ambassador for the Northern Region of St Vincent de Paul, an international charity dedicated to alleviating poverty. With a shared commitment to making a positive impact across the Northern Region, this partnership heralds a new era of creativity and compassion.

SVP Ambassador Malachi Cush

Known for his soul-searching performances and heartfelt lyrics that resonate with audiences of all ages, Dungannon man Malachi brings musical prowess and a genuine dedication to humanity. His ability to connect deeply with local communities, coupled with his unwavering commitment to doing good, makes him an ideal ambassador for SVP.

Mary Waide, SVP Regional Manager for the Northern Region, expressed her deep gratitude to Malachi Cush and said: “We are humbled to welcome Malachi Cush to be an Ambassador of St Vincent de Paul as his values are perfectly aligned with the mission of St Vincent de Paul.

“Loved across the generations, Malachi is a great role model to children and the young and old alike. The qualities he possesses are exceptional and he reaches far beyond the stages he performs on. I believe that his passion transcends boundaries, and his infectious spirit has the ability to lift even the most vulnerable amongst us. As our Ambassador, Malachi will be embarking on a journey with SVP to raise the charity’s profile locally through fundraising opportunities and public appearances and we are very privileged to have his support.”

Commenting on his new role with SVP, Malachi Cush said: “I am deeply honoured to have been chosen as Ambassador for Saint Vincent de Paul. For so many years, this charity has had a remarkable impact on the most vulnerable members of our society, empowering them with dignity and support.

“I admire the dedication and selflessness of the volunteers and staff who tirelessly carry out the organisation's mission. I am inspired by their unwavering commitment to caring for others and hope that I can contribute to their noble cause as part of this wonderful team.

“As Ambassador, I am committed to shedding light on the vital work being done by SVP and raising awareness of the ongoing needs within our communities. I hope to serve as a relatable and approachable advocate for the charity, fostering connections and support for many years to come. Together, we can make a meaningful difference and be a light in the lives of those most in need.”

SVP is an international charity and the largest voluntary charity in Ireland. SVP is committed to promoting self-sufficiency and working diligently for social justice.

If you require assistance from SVP, please email and for further information about the charity or to become a member, please visit:

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