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The Regional Training Representative View

Bernadette Carroll - West Region Regional Representative

Woman in jacket smilingThe dictionary says training is the process of learning skills you need for a particular job or activity.

To members who do not feel that training is necessary I say it is absolutely essential, we seldom take on a new occupation in life without receiving some form of training. Volunteering is no different. The work of St Vincent De Paul hasn’t changed but the needs of the people we meet in our volunteering has changed considerably in recent years so we take part in training to equip ourselves with the tools we need to help us deal with the requests we get. Training gives us the confidence to carry out our duties and assurance that we are doing it right.

I am a member of PiusX Conference Kiltimagh Co Mayo and the Regional Representative for the West Region. I believe we all need to update our skills and utilize our gifts; every volunteer has a place within the Society. There are eight (8) regions in SVP Ireland and each one has a Member Support Officer, get to know this person in your region, they are your go-to person for any issues or ideas you have as a member.  Unfortunately, the need for our Society is as great now as it was when it was founded in 1833 so our work is ongoing and training must be an ongoing process. My wish for all of our members is that you will have the support you need for whatever part you play in the Society.

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