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Young SVP 2018/2019

Young SVP is a youth development programme designed for young people attending secondary school / YouthReach and other educational settings; those taking part in youth groups / clubs; and those at 3rd level – be it in college / university. The programme focuses on social action within the ethos and mission of SVP.  Young people are offered opportunities to learn about SVP, about social justice and about how to engage in social action in a positive, purposeful and meaningful way.

The Young SVP youth development team offers ongoing support to all those engaging in the Young SVP programme – whether part of a Conference, class or Young SVP group.  Our Youth Development Officers (YDO) visit groups a number of times through the year to work with them on a number of topics.
In the infographic here you will see our programme statistics for the 2018/19 academic year when the programme was operating across the following regions; East, South East, South West, Mid West, West and North East & Midlands.

  •  During this time our team of Youth Development Officers (YDOs) delivered a total of 911 school visits across more than 209 different schools, where they informed students about the work of SVP, explored issues of social justice and supported them in designing and delivering activities to address needs in their own communities.
  •  A total of 9398 young people were reached through our guest speaker visits and over 5000 chose to engage in our developmental schools programme taking part in workshops and designing action projects through the year.
  •  A total of 311 social action projects were completed by these Young SVP members, in 195 Young SVP Conference / groups this year, helping and supporting many people in local schools and communities.
  •  The work completed by these students was marked and celebrated across 6 different Regional Youth Days and Exhibitions, with an average of 300 participants attending each of these days.  We are thankful to Electric Ireland for their continued support with this programme.

These numbers are an indication of how healthy and vibrant our Young SVP programme has become, but numbers only tell a part of the story.  To actually see our young members engaging in their workshops and their actions is inspiring and exciting.

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