SVP Twinning North Region

The North Region (Antrim, Armagh, Derry, Down, Fermanagh & Tyrone) is twinned with GHANA and BOTSWANA. Together they have formed a close spiritual connection offering friendship and support to one another.

The projects operated by the SVP in Ghana & Botswana and supported by the North Region. The primary goal of Twinning is to alleviate poverty and aid people to become self-sufficient.



SVP Twinning North Region BrochureGHANA

Children's Project

Lordina is a young girl from Ghana. Her mother has left her in the care of her grandmother. Her grandmother is old and has not enough resources to support them both.

SVP works closely with the Daughters of Charity to support the upkeep of children like Lordina who are at risk of becoming street kids.

The Daughters of Charity run a crèche which Lordina attends. Here she gets food and the nurturing environment she needs.

Through the support that Lordina gets from the crèche she will remain healthy and will progress to education.

SVP Twinning North Rehab Centre

Residential Training Centre

When Bella was 12 both her parents died from illness and she was forced to live on the streets.

Living on the streets was very difficult. However, Bella got a place in a residential training centre run by the Daughters of Charity. She is currently enrolled in a dressmaking course.



Botswana Resource Centre

SVP Twinning North Region Botswana

The SVP Council in Botswana operates a residential resource centre for orphaned children and the elderly.

Ten children currently reside at the Centre and attend local schools. Previously, the Centre lacked a dedicated study area for the children. Thanks to support from Twinning, the local Conference in Botswana has constructed a library and computer lab. These new facilities are also open to children from nearby neighbourhoods, providing them with vital resources to secure a brighter future.

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For further information:
Twinning Officer
North Region
Society of St Vincent de Paul
196-200 Antrim Road, Belfast, Co Antrim BT15 2AJ Tel: 048 903 515 61

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