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SVP Twinning NorthEast & Midlands

SVP's North East & Midlands Region (Cavan, Longford, Louth, Meath, Monaghan,Westmeath) is twinned with ZIMBABWE. Together they have formed a close spiritual connection offering friendship and support to one another.

The projects operated by the SVP in Zimbabwe and supported by the North East and Midlands Region. They have the primary goal of alleviating poverty and aiding people to become self-sufficient.


SVP Twinning North East and Midlands Brochure

Nazareth Shelter

SVP Twinning North East and Midlands Nazareth Shelter

The Nazareth Shelter in Chinhoyi, northwest of Harare, serves as a residential center for older community members.

These marginalized individuals have no extended family support. The shelter provides them with accommodation, meals, and opportunities for social interaction, both among themselves and with visiting members of the SVP.

The center can house 40 residents, with facilities including dormitories, an ablution block, a kitchen, a dining room, and accommodation for the superintendent. The residents are a diverse group, including Zimbabweans and migrants from Mozambique, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania, and South Africa.

Due to the building's poor condition, twinning funding was allocated to the shelter for necessary repairs.

Twinning in Education

Twinning North East and Midlands Education

The Conference-to-Conference “School Fees to Keep a Child in Education” project thrives with support from a Special Works Conference.

This Conference actively funds school fees for children chosen by the Society in Zimbabwe. This initiative provides invaluable, cost-effective support to local families and ensures children gain access to education they would otherwise miss.

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For further information:
Twinning Officer
North East & Midlands Region
Society of St Vincent de Paul
53-54 Trinity Street, Drogheda, Co. Louth
Tel: 041 987 3331


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