SVP Twinning South East Region

The South East Region (Waterford, Wexford, Kilkenny, Carlow & Laois) is twinned with THE GAMBIA and TANZANIA. The Irish twinning committee has formed a close spiritual connection. Members in each country offer friendship and support to one another.

The projects operated by the SVP in The Gambia and Tanzania and are supported by the South East Region. They have the primary goal of alleviating poverty and aiding people to become self-sufficient.



SVP Twinning South West Region Brochure

The Gambia

Rice Milling Project

SVP Twinning South West MillThis project provides much needed funds for the local Conference in the Basse parish. It also removes the time-consuming and back-breaking work done normally by women and young girls of the Basse parish.

This allows the women to spend more time with their families or to seek further education. It empowers them to find a better source of income which will help remove them and their family from the poverty trap.

Fishing Boat Project

SVP Twinning South West BoatFishing boats were purchased by the local SVP Conference with funding from Twinning in Ireland and leased to local fishermen for a nominal fee.

Payment in fish is acceptable if money is unavailable. Whether payment is made in money or fish, these resources allow the SVP Conferences to locally help those most in need.

Education Project

The cost of education is always a problem, yet it is the key to combating poverty. Student numbers have grown. SVP currently sponsor 239 students in primary, secondary and third level. It is hoped to further increase the number of students attending secondary and third level education. The SVP Council in The Gambia provides funding for uniforms, books and a daily nutritious meal.


Conference Support

The South East Region in Ireland supports and finances the National Council in Tanzania. Funds are used to promote the SVP, train new members and develop new Conferences. In the future we hope to be able to fund small income generating projects.

These will provide a source of much needed income for the many local Conferences, allowing them to become financially independent.

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For further information:
Twinning Officer
South East Region
Society of St Vincent de Paul
Unit No 3, Six Crossroads Business Park, Waterford
Tel: 051 350725

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