SVP Twinning West Region

The West Region (Galway, Mayo and Roscommon) is twinned with MALAWI. Together they have formed a close spiritual connection offering friendship and support to one another.

The projects operated by the SVP West Region in Malawi have the primary goal of alleviating poverty and aiding people to become self-sufficient.


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SVP Twinning West Region Agriculture

Agricultural Project

The SVP in Malawi use funding from Twinning to purchase fertiliser and sow maize to feed hungry families in their parishes.

The families work in the fields and support themselves with the harvest.

Bakery and Garden Projects

The West Region Twinning Group provides funding to support a Conference in Malawi establish and run a small bakery. This bakery provides fresh bread daily for the entire village of Chilumba.

Profits from the bakery go towards supporting those in greatest need in the community. Funding is also used for the establishment of a market garden, a pig farm and a poultry farm in other villages.

These projects established by SVP are aimed at supporting sustainable living in the community.


SVP Twinning West Region EducationFlood Relief

In 2015 heavy rains in Malawi resulted in massive flooding displacing more that 336,000 people.

The floods destroyed homes, ravaged farmlands and compromised vital services such as clean water and sanitation.

Funding was provided through the local SVP Conferences to assist in providing food, medical supplies and temporary accommodation.

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For further information:
Twinning Officer
West Region
Society of St Vincent de Paul
Ozanam House, Augustine Street, Galway
Tel: 091 563 233 Fax: 091 567 591

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