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    Drop-in Centre Limerick City

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About us

SVP's Drop-in Centre in Limerick was opened in 2002. It provides day care services to homeless people and those vulnerable to becoming homeless in Limerick City and surrounding areas.

The Centre is an integral part of the homeless sector provision in Limerick. It is run by a permanent staff of two, one part-time staff member and approximately 25 volunteers.

Homeless Prevention

Our major goal is to prevent the progression to homelessness by those in accommodation but vulnerable to homelessness. We create links between service users and other service providers best placed to help. The Centre provides a weekly GP Service and strives for Equality of Health Provision through its work with the Partnership for Health Equity.

Our Services

The Drop-in Centre offers services to meet the needs of the whole person in keeping with the ethos of SVP.

Staff and volunteers share their time, passion and skills to support service users as follows:

  • General support and advice

Service users are always welcome and we make everyone feel at home. We provide general support and understand the importance of the social aspect of the Centre. Many service users live alone or are homeless. Our care can make the difference in their lives. Volunteers and staff bring strong commitment and enthusiasm for supporting homeless and vulnerable people.

  • Personal support

We support service users with personal issues and bring serious issues to the attention of the manager. Providing a listening ear we build positive relationships with all service users who attend.

  • Food provision

We prepare and serve lunches of soup, sandwiches, tea or coffee. Dinners are reheated if they are sourced from outside the centre. If necessary, we package and distribute these meals.

  • Hygiene services

Service users can avail of the shower facilities and we can give a change of clothes on request.

  • Laundry services

We provide a laundry service to our service users. People sleeping rough in Limerick are prioritised for this service.

  • Addiction counselling

Service users are supported with addiction issues. We have implemented a harm reduction model which aims to minimise the consequences associated with addictive behaviours. Our volunteers have an understanding of addiction and help service users in a calming non-confrontational manner.

  • Medical

We assist service users attend GP Clinics by ensuring that they get to see a doctor.

  • Housing – Transition support

We offer support to service users particularly those in the initial stages of renting accommodation.

  • Empowerment

By providing advice, support and advocacy we can empower our service users.

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