Midlands Visitor Centre
About us

Our ethos is to remind everyone the importance of showing each person that comes through our doors dignity and respect at their visits.

“Everyone that comes through our doors are your Mother, your Father, Your Brother, your Sister, your Child. Treat them as you would your family”.

The Midlands Visitor Centre has been open for over 20 years. All visitors must come through the centre in order to visit an inmate. We provide a childcare area and a tea bar for visitors where they can have a little me time before going for their visit. It is important to show all our visitors empathy, respect and friendship. Listening ear and a box of tissues are always on hand especially on a first visit.

We provide the visitors with information and a space to relax.

A notice board that provides information e.g. train timetable, bus timetable, citizen information, counselling services etc. but most of all we provide a place that is welcoming so that our visitors have time to relax and recharge their batteries, before visiting an inmate.

Our Services

We are open 5 days per week and offer a comfortable, safe and confidential service for all visitors who come through our door.

Dignity, respect and empathy are a must for all visitors.

Midlands Visitor Centre

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