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Young SVP: Information for Teachers

Benefits of the Programme

The flexibility of the Young SVP programme ensures it can seamlessly integrate into your group or school community, fitting your needs perfectly. Moreover, the programme is free and non-competitive.

Young people are at the heart of their own learning, fostering personal development. Additionally, supports from the Young SVP team are available throughout the year, providing continuous assistance.

The programme links to the curriculum in various subject areas in both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, such as Religious Education, Citizenship, CSPE, and TY programmes.

Furthermore, the programme can complement extracurricular activities, including Gaisce/Pope John Paul II awards and Enrichment programmes, among many others.

Participants will gain positive, meaningful experiences in volunteering and social action, learning to understand and take action on social justice issues.

Those who participate will have the option to attend Young SVP events, where young people and leaders/teachers can share their valued experiences.

For more information, please contact your regional Youth Development Officer in Ireland or Northern Ireland to ensure your chosen activity is appropriate and registered. Additional guidelines may apply in relation to protection. Please read our Children and Vulnerable Adults policy.

Young SVP Gaisce

Watch the video below to find where your Local Office is located in Ireland

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