Young SVP

Young SVP provides opportunities to engage in social action in local communities and encourages personal and social development.

SVP young project

Whether you are at school, a third-level college, or are looking to get involved in your community; the SVP Youth Development Programme offers a wide range of opportunities to engage in positive social action in your local area.

Joining the SVP Youth Development Programme provides a great opportunity for personal and social development whilst gaining an understanding of the ethos, mission and aims of SVP.

The programme will enable you to develop projects that will improve the lives of others and gain a better understanding of social justice.

For more information regarding what is available in your area please contact National Youth Development Coordinator; or phone 01 8299033 or your regional Youth Development Officer.


SVP in Schools

svp in schools

See how you can get involved with a school Conference, Youth for Justice or a school project


SVP in Colleges

svp in colleges

Find out how to join a College conference or set up your own


SVP in your Area

svp in your area

Speak to one of our Youth Developement team about starting a project or Conference