The Difference You've Made

We visit thousands of homes each year throughout Ireland, providing families & individuals with essential support with food, energy and education costs. The families and individuals we visit are not just those on social welfare; they include people in low-paid employment, the self-employed and people in good employment with debts that they just cannot handle.

Here are some of their stories.

Louise's Story

A young mother had just moved into a new house when a flood and change in circumstances left her struggling to pay her bills.

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David's Story

Imagine the panic. You wake one night to the smash of breaking windows and squeals of frightened children.

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Tony's Story

When Tony lost his wife, he did not know where to turn. But thanks to compassionate support such as yours, he had..

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On the front line

When those in need pick up the phone to SVP, Linda’s voice is often the first they hear. 

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We might just make it

"I used to think nobody cared the SVP members listened and gave us hope". 

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It began with a hug

Mary found herself with only a few bags of clothes and €1.60 in her pocket...

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