Energy, Utilities and Climate Justice
Energy Poverty and Climate justice are two huge issues that SVP advocates on.

The combination of high energy prices, poor quality housing and the persistence of low incomes significantly impacts on many households across Ireland. 

Our advocacy work focuses on the supports for people in energy poverty.

Initiatives such as the Fuel Allowance and other measures focussed on long term, sustainable solutions are key. We also work to ensure homes are energy efficient across tenure type.

SVP engages with the energy regulator and suppliers to ensure wraparound supports are in place for customers in financial difficulty. We also campaign for fair prices.

At SVP, we believe everyone should be able to live in a warm home and that the essential action needed to transition to a low carbon economy must benefit those in energy poverty and be underpinned by principles of social justice.

Together, lets' move to a more fair and equal Ireland. SVP will continue to lobby and advocate to ensure everyone has access to a warm home, with the electricity and fuel needs to achieve a decent standard of living. 

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