Adequate incomes

SVP believes that poverty is not inevitable and that there are ways to ensure that policies can be implemented to tackle income poverty.

This includes issues to do with Child and family poverty, fuel and energy poverty and the cost of food. You can use this area to give more information on the submission.

Latest Issue

Benchmarking social welfare submission to DEASP
SVP strongly believe that people who receive social welfare should have the means to remain integrated and participate in society. In this submission, SVP recommends that the Department set a benchmark, based on the data derived from the VPSJ’S Budget Standards research, which establishes an adequate social protection floor that no one should be expected to live below.
Published 24 Apr 2019 | PDF | 368.85 KB
Benchmarking social welfare submission to DEASP
Published 24 Apr 2019 | PDF | 368.85 KB
Consultation on the National Minimum Wage (Low Pay Commission)
Published 05 Feb 2019 | PDF | 411.95 KB
SVP Reponses to the Review of the Consumer Protection Code for Licence Moneylenders
Published 02 Jul 2018 | PDF | 458.27 KB
SVP Submission to the DEASP Statement of Strategy 2017-2020
Published 22 Sep 2017 | PDF | 473.65 KB
SVP Submission on Working Family Payment 2017
Published 09 Mar 2017 | PDF | 462.59 KB