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Peter and Aine Ozanam Come Dancing 2019Áine

I'm very excited to be involved in Ozanam Come Dancing 2019. Ozanam House is such a fantastic resource and I'm delighted to be in a position to do my bit to help out. I work in the digital health industry as Head of Commercials for an Irish company, Two-Ten Health. I took part in a similar event 5 years ago, and after watching the recording of the show afterwards, I made the decision not to pursue my dream of going professional! But now I hope to enjoy the amateur journey from start to finish.


I work as a sales representative in Symantec and having had the experience of being involved three years ago I jumped at the chance to do it again. I have some experience in ballroom dancing, as a non-professional of course and fundraising through dancing is great idea so I am excited to be involved again. I hope to win and have a lot of fun, meeting new interesting people and as long as I survive the judge’s questions after my dance I’ll be fine.

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Ozanam Come Dancing 2019

Date: 08 March 2019

Ozanam Come Dancing is the BIG annual fundraiser in aid of Ozanam House Resource Centre, a community centre operated by SVP in Dublin 1. This year, 12 couples have volunteered to take on the challenge. The show will take place on Friday 8th March at 7.30pm in Liberty Hall, Dublin 1 and will be hosted by television presenter and fashion designer, Brendan Courtney. Brendan will be assisted by our guest celebrity judges including former Dancing with the Stars ‘Star’ Katherine Lynch. This year, with your help, we will engage 280 children and young people from the north inner city on our summer projects in June, July and August. At this challenging time of the year for so many families in our community and with your support, we will give them a memorable experience in a safe, nurturing, yet fun-filled environment. Please support our volunteer dancers involved our BIG annual fundraiser, Ozanam Come Dancing.