Food Appeal guidelines

Some information to help you with your Food Appeal.

You can help people in need in your community this Christmas by supporting the SVP Christmas Food Appeal and donating non-perishable festive food items to help families and individuals enjoy an extra-special Christmas meal.

How it works

  1. We provide you with a shopping list of non-perishable festive food items.
  2. You buy the items on the list, ensuring that expiry dates are non-perishable and have an expiry date well into 2020.
  3. When your collection is over, drop the food to your local Regional Office or drop off point.
  4. All food will be distributed out to the people who need it most in communities across Ireland, through our network of local Conferences and volunteers.


  • Please ensure that all food items are non-perishable
  • Please ensure that all food items have an expiry date well into 2020
  • We have put together a list of suggested items for your shopping list:
Treats Tinned Food Beverages Cereals & Carbohydrates

Christmas Cake / Pudding
Christmas Selection boxes
Mince Pies
Turkey / Ham voucher
Box of Christmas crackers
Festive Table napkins

Tinned Fruit eg. fruit cocktail
Tinned Vegetables
Packet / Tinned Soup
Tinned Spaghetti Baked Beans
Tinned Tuna / Fish


Tea and Coffee
Soft Drinks

Breakfast Cereals Muesli
Pasta/Rice Sauce
Muesli Bars

Returning your Food Appeal donations

When you or your company have/has completed your collection, food items should be returned to an agreed collection point or to your local Regional Office.

In some cases, it can be arranged to have foods collected. Please liaise with your local Regional Office in order to arrange the details for drop off/collection.