Social Housing Projects

SVP social housingSVP Social housing is not-for-profit housing developed with the support of Government and managed and administered locally, by the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul, to provide long term accommodation to those who need it.

The Society currently provides over 1000 units of social housing throughout the country.  Approximately 800 of these units have been designated by Government as special needs housing, funded to provide housing for Older People (Over 55 years), people with a disability, or people who are currently homeless. The Society also provides approximately 200 units of general needs housing, primarily for single people and families.


Do I qualify for SVP Housing?

Ordinarily to qualify for SVP Social Housing, you will need to be registered with your local authority and assessed as ‘in-need’ of housing (on the Local Authority housing list).  In exceptional circumstances, certain SVP Housing schemes may be able to consider applications that do not meet this criteria.

How do I apply?

If you wish to apply for SVP Social Housing please contact your local SVP Regional Office to find out more about SVP housing in your area.

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