SVP - News - New supports to improve access to third level for disadvantaged students a positive step

Young SVP (Information For Students)

The programme is free & non-competitive. Young people are at the centre of their own learning, promoting personal development.

Supports from the Young SVP team are available throughout the year.
Participants gain positive, meaningful, experiences of volunteering and social action.

Participants will learn about SVP, social justice and how to engage in social action in a positive & meaningful way through a Series of workshops including:

  • Introduction to SVP and Social Justice
  • Becoming a changemaker 
  • Poverty and the cost of living
  • Power and Society
  • Exploring Human Rights
  • Social Justice and Equality
  • Engaging in Social Action.

The students gain positive, meaningful, experiences of volunteering and social action.

Participants will have the option of attending Young SVP events where young people & leaders/teachers can share their valued experiences.

What are students saying about Young SVP Programme

“It has opened our eyes to the different roles people play in our society, highlighting the importance of a group like SVP in the local community. Not only have we built up a strong bond with the people at the daycare centre, but we have also formed strong bonds and friendships with each other over the course of the year.”

“Another part of the Young SVP programme was not just about the committee; the entire transition year class got to enjoy it as well. We had the opportunity to learn about people from various backgrounds and to understand social issues, including poverty. The class unanimously agreed that this experience was a real eye-opener into the struggles of living with poverty. Consequently, the committee agreed that this was a rewarding, insightful, and great experience, and we thoroughly enjoyed the programme.”

“Overall, I would say SVP has played a major part in my Transition year. It has opened my eyes and encouraged me to get more involved in my community. Therefore, I hope to continue being involved in SVP after TY.”

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