Real Progress

We are working to make Ireland a fairer place; where caring for each other and our children, older people and people with disabilities is valued and supported; where individuals, families and communities can participate fully in work and society; and where an adequately resourced state, a strong economy, employment and business support the type of society that we wish to live in.

Below are some examples of the impact our work has had on the lives of the people we support.

Our Impact

Making education more affordable for parents

SVP has lobbied hard to get school costs down for hard pressed parents. We had great public support for our 2012 campaign to cut the cost of school books.

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Protecting families in low paid employment

In 2013 SVP and our partners in the End Child Poverty Coalition became concerned at the publication of a report which recommended abolishing Family Income Supplement (FIS).

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Helping households manage energy bills

The cost of household energy bills has increased by €500 over the past three years. Many we assist report that these meters are a great help in managing bills & repaying arrears. 

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