You can view or download our Annual Report below

The Society of St Vincent de Paul's (SVP) objectives, activities and achievements over the last number of years can be found in our Annual Reports. 

Our Annual report outlines the structure and governance of SVP in Ireland. It also lays out some of our findings over the past 12 months.

Social Justice is a key area in the work of SVP. We commission reports and offer guidance on key matters affecting government policy. Our Annual report contains a breakdown of the Social Justice campaigns and submissions from the past 12 months.

The cornerstone of SVP is our members. Our Annual Report also offers a breakdown of the work carried out and the ways in which our members aid those in need.

Of course, none of the work SVP does would be possible without the efforts of our Fundraising team. Our SVP Annual Report outlines some of the initiatives and successes of this function.

We also cover the activities of our various other functions, including Retail, Young SVP, Child & Family Services, Safeguarding and Social Housing.

Our Annual Report also provides the yearly financial reports, a key part of ensuring transparency and accountability.

SVP Annual Report
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