Access to services

Some low-income households struggle to get access to the services that most of us take for granted, especially in housing, education, health, local government, as well as rural services.

We’re working to cut user charges and reinstate vital services.

Latest Issue

SVP Submission to Department of Education and Skills - Action Plan for Education 2018
The Society of St Vincent De Paul (SVP) welcomes the opportunity to engage with the Department of Education and Skills in its consultation process for the Action Plan for Education.  Though there has been welcome progress in many areas, implementation of measures to address educational disadvantage, education costs, and promote participation and access at third level has been slow. Based on the experience of SVP members actively involved in supporting people, at all stages of the life cycle, to access education, we outline our recommendations for progressing the Action Plan in 2018.
Published 20 Nov 2017 | PDF | 638.82 KB