You can change a life like Aine's

Áine is sitting her Leaving Cert this June, studying hard to get the points she needs for Engineering. But she has an even bigger worry. One that’s out of her control. The cost. 
Her dad works in a garage and her mother looks after her two young brothers. Áine will qualify for a grant but it’s still not enough. There’s no college nearby, so she needs a place to stay. Then there’s the travel, books, stationery - not to mention food. 
Her family is so stretched. Even with Áine’s part time job things aren’t adding up. She worries that sending her to college will be more of a burden than her family can bear. 
Right now, all around the country, young men and women like Áine are facing into one of the most stressful times of their lives. They’re bursting with potential and working so hard. But the tragedy is, even if they get the results they need, college may be out of the question.
All their hard work might be for nothing.
But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can step in right now and change a life like Áine’s.
Through SVP’s Education and Training Bursary, eligible* young people like Áine get the help they need to secure a better life. But without generous people like you the bursary wouldn’t exist.
Nothing ends the cycle of poverty like education. That’s why SVP is so committed to giving young people this chance.
So, if education has made a difference in your life - if anyone has ever reached out and given you a hand up - please consider giving today.
Every euro you can spare will go directly into this special education fund.
These students are so close to the future their hard work deserves. All they need is a little help at the right time.
All they need is you.


*Eligibility criteria apply, for more information, visit